Saturday, June 25, 2016

10 Signs You’ve Come Across a Person From Your Soul Group

    By Seth M

Were you aware that you possessed a “soul group?”  Your soul group is basically your spiritual family, they’re the souls that were created using the same energy that your soul was crafted from.  As a group, as well as individually, you have certain missions and purposes.

Which group you join is often chosen before you enter the world, and the choice is often based on where your soul is currently at in its growth cycle in this lifetime.

Members of your group come in and out of your life, with one purpose: to expand your mind.  And they come in all shapes and sizes, from members of our family to significant others, and even our enemies.

Here ten signs that you’ve come across one:

  1. A common trait is that they mirror similar experiences you’re going through so that you might gain a better understanding of your circumstances.
  2. They reinforce your personality traits to help you grow or change in the right direction.
  3. They help transform any weaknesses you have into strengths.
  4. They might bring balance to your otherwise out of balance energy.
  5. They help you to be more patient, empathetic, and compassionate.
  6. They help you recognize any need for healing from past traumatic events.
  7. You work with them almost too well, creating your shared vision.
  8. They seemingly come out of nowhere to help you along your journey exactly when you need them.
  9. They push you forward, helping you advance in life.
  10. You come together in order to achieve big visions and big ideas.
Know anyone that you think might be from the same soul group as you?  Let them know!

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