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Onions are one of the oldest cultivated vegetables in our history, originating in central Asia from where it spread across entire world.

Modern archeologist, botanist and historians are unable to determine exact time and place of their first cultivations (because this vegetable is perishable and its cultivation leaves little to no trace), however some written records enables us to paint a very interesting picture about its origins.

Despite its characteristic taste and specific aroma, the onion effectively treats various diseases, and supports our overall health. Onions have potent anti-inflammatory properties which efficiently treat chronic vomiting.

Onions are high in antioxidants such as quercetin, which destroy free radicals and promote health. Onions are a rich course of sulfur which has a strong antiseptic and antibiotic action.

Onions have a wide range of health benefits, including:

-regulate high cholesterol levels
-the sulfur and flavonoid content helps in the case of diabetes
-treat arthritis
-treat cardiovascular diseases

This vegetable has been often used as a remedy, even in the prehistoric times, in the case of various health conditions, due to its amazing properties.

1. Cough
You should peel a bigger onion, and cut it in halves. Next, add a tablespoon of brown sugar on the halves and leave them thus for an hour. You should consume this remedy twice a day to treat a cough.

2. Vomiting

You should prepare peppermint tea, leave it to cool off. Then, squeeze the juice of an onion with cheesecloth, and take two teaspoons of it. After 5 minutes, you should also take two teaspoons of the cold peppermint tea, and wait for 10 minutes before you repeat the treatment. You should repeat it until the symptoms disappear, and in 20 minutes the urges to vomit will be completely gone.

3. Fever
Mix some coconut oil with thin onion slices. Use this mixture to massage the feet. You should also apply several onion slices on the feet arches, secure them with socks, and leave them to act during the night.

4. Dissolve chest congestion
You should mix some coconut oil and an onion to prepare a paste. Then, apply it on the chest, secure it with a towel and a shirt to warm it up, and then you can wash it off.

5. Ear infections and ear pain
You should put some chopped onion in a sock and place it on the painful area. Secure it with a bandage or a hat, and take it off only when the pain is completely gone.

6. Cuts
The transparent onion skin has strong antiseptic properties and prevents damage to the skin, so you can apply it on the cuts to immediately seize the bleeding.

Colic – The following remedy has been used by the Cherokee Indians to cure the children suffering from colic. You should boil the slices of a yellow onion, boil them in some water, leave it to cool, and drain the mixture. Next, the child should take a teaspoon on every hour until it experiences the improvements.

7. Air purifier
Onion slices can help you kill all viruses and bacteria in the air and cleanse it, so you should distribute them all around your house.

These are several other ways to use onions:
-Massage onion slices onto the skin to avoid freckles
-Rub onion slices onto your scalp to speed up hair growth
-Rub an onion onto the skin to prevent insect bites
-To prevent moths, place onions in clothes
-To protect your plants from bugs and pests, you should boil and spray onion juice
-Using onion slices to clean and polish glass and copper objects
-Clean your clothes iron with slices of onion to prevent rust

The use of onions has been recommended by the WHO (World Health 
Organization in the case of the flu, coughs, colds, infections, bronchitis, and congestion.

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